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Kimono Fit to Perfection.

We can adjust the length to your liking, making it fit like a dream. The best part? It's on the house! Ready to stand out from the crowd?


  Get ready to fall in love with your new best friend... 


We've taken our favorite buttons from Kimånes and turned them into gorgeous... 

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  • This brand is a thing of art. I remember receiving my very first kimåne and wearing it to a birthday party. It was a showstopper! I took my second kimåne on a holiday in Portugal and, again, got stopped in the streets. Not only are their kimånes incredibly beautiful but they're also soft on the skin, comfortable to wear and so versatile. I cannot wait for my next one!


  • The concept of house of Kimåne is very inspiring, the creative work done by the coolest mother and daughter duo is just amazing!They create treasures with pure love and passion, you can literally feel it while wearing one of their items, you feel like a Queen! On top of that buying your Kimåne is such an exclusive experience, the warm and welcoming atmosphere to hearing beautiful culture history behind different materials and textils. I just Love it and Yes, this is the way of future shopping!


  • Love love love. Everything you try on you want to take home with you. Special, thoughtful and beautifully made for you. I don’t buy anything that isn’t well-made, unique and conscious in its own way - and what they’ve created is.