DIY Upcycling Project: Snack-Proof Your Jeans with Ribbons

DIY Upcycling Project: Snack-Proof Your Jeans with Ribbons

Welcome to my first upcycling project on this blog! I have a confession - I love snacking a bit too much, and my jeans were starting to feel snug over the hips. But since I really love these jeans, I decided to upcycle them. 

Sofia standing infant of the mirror, showing off her newly upcycled jeans

Check out the snazzy snapshot above of me flaunting this fancy schmancy velvet jacket and my upcycled jeans! I'm telling you, wearing this jacket is like being wrapped up in a luxurious, cloud-like hug. The color is as deep as the ocean at midnight and it's a timeless piece that pairs with anything and everything. 

If you're looking to spoil yourself or score some major points with your Mom, this jacket is the way to go. She'll love it, and you'll officially earn the title of "favorite child."

With just a few tools and some ribbon, let me show you how you can make your jeans wider and very fashionable. With a little bit of patience, you can complete this project in 1-2 hours. No time to waste, Let’s get started!


  • A sewing machine
  • A pair of jeans that are too small
  • A pair of scissors and a seam ripper (optional)
  • Jeans needles for your sewing machine

  • Pin needles or clips
  • Thread in a matching color of the jeans
  • A wide ribbon (mine was 4cm)
  • Optional: other ribbons to decorate with, the fun part if you ask me.

Don't be fooled by the dimly lit pictures - this project was lit! Let's be honest, evenings are the prime time to get creative with your personal projects. So grab a snack, get cozy, and let's get crafting!

Too small jeans and tools needed for this project, such as scissors, ribbons and jeans needles


Start by opening the side seams of your jeans. Use a seam ripper or cut all the way from the bottom if you don't have one.Then overlock or zigzag the top parts where you cut with scissors to prevent fraying.

Pin or clip the wide ribbon to one of the sides of the seams, leaving a few extra cm on the top and bottom to fold in later. Sew straight.

Clips used to sew down the ribbon between the jeans seams

Repeat this step on the other side.

Sewing a decorative ribbon on top of the previous ribbon.

Important! Learn from my mistake! Attach the wide ribbon on one side, then decorate it with the other ribbons before attaching the wide ribbon to the other seam. This will prevent it from getting too bulky when sewing it down on the machine.

Sew down the part of the ribbons on the top or bottom, then cut the excess.

Voila! Your jeans are now wider and snack-proof, and you have a new addition to your wardrobe. Plus, they're sure to turn heads with their unique style. I love upcycling!

Give this project a try and enjoy the satisfaction of upcycling your clothes. Happy snacking (and sewing)! And don't forget to share your upcycling projects with me – I can't wait to see what you come up with!

This project was so much fun that I have to confess something. The very next day, I teamed up with my mom to make yet another pair!

Finished jeans with gold and red ribbons
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