About us

House of Kimåne is a slow fashion brand and our pieces are well crafted and made to last. We do not believe in fast-fashion. 

We make everything from repurposed secondhand clothing, vintage fabrics and materials which we have collected over the years. We continually challenge ourselves to create new unique pieces and products and we prioritise creativity and quality over quantity. Our pieces are timeless and wish that you will want to keep yours in your wardrobe forever.

We consider our Kimånes to be a wardrobe essential which can be dressed up or down effortlessly. Up the ante and lift the “everyday things you wear” up to another level.

This timeless silhouette is one of our all favourite things to wear from day to night, meaning you can feel glamorous and wear it from the beach to the city or why not to a cocktail party? Not only are they ideal for any body size and shape, they are the ideal combination of effortless, cool and chic.



Our Story.

Sofia is originally from Sweden but she had an international up-bringing spending her early years in Saudi Arabia and school years in Luxembourg. One of her first memories is accompanying her mother to the Arabian market in Jeddah, wearing Abayas while bargaining for textiles on the souk. During a trip to Marrakesh, she was intrigued by a group of Moroccan women looking through secondhand/vintage djellabas at the local market. The possibilities of these traditional robes captured her imagination and she ended up buying her first lot. Back in Mallorca she worked with her mother and turned them into stunning, wearable works of art. That’s how Kimåne was born.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make vintage and second-hand clothing more inspiring and open up the eyes to more people. How come it is luxurious to sleep in hotel bedsheets, but at the same time many think its “dirty” to buy second-hand?




We are using clothing that already exist and turn them into something else to give them a new life. Each piece has been redesigned and all the work is made by ourselves in our atelier.  Every Kimåne is special to us since we spend a lot of time working on each of them. We buy our material from women at local markets in Marrakech, then we bring it back to Mallorca. We then wash and repair eventual defects, replace or repair the ribbons and remove or add more details. They are truly one-of-a-kind and we love each step of the process.